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Beth Koenig

Academic Advisor

Elizabeth (Beth) Koenig, JD, has long been a champion of compassionate and creative communication and all that this art form entails and requires. With an educational background in speech communication, music, law and public administration, she has worked extensively in the areas of higher education, government relations, conflict resolution and coaching/mentoring others in their academic, community-action and professional pursuits. She has served as a teacher, advisor, administrator and co-creator of numerous programs, centers and services.  She helped co-create the first weekend college law program in Minnesota, a STEM Elementary Education Institute and a Women’s Health Integrative Research Center.  As a former Dean in Public Service Leadership, she re-envisioned a model curriculum that brought criminal justice, social work, emergency management and public administration graduate students together as colleagues to learn from and about each other’s disciplines and the synergies that can bring them together in the workplace.  

She is committed to creating, supporting, implementing and evaluating greater growth and learning opportunities in the carceral space and beyond. This includes access to formal pathways of education, as well as the development and implementation of creative solutions to reintegration challenges and the array of collateral consequences that either prohibit or restrict the ability of those rejoining communities to thrive.  As part of her commitment to reforming systems she continues to engage in re-imaging alternatives in dispute resolution and justice through community-based, participatory and transformative endeavors with those directly impacted by any and all aspects of the legal system.  


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