SPC’s team has developed an innovative approach to providing medical care within correctional facilities. Our approach, based on a “cost-plus” model, ensures our compensation is directly tied to achieving client-directed outcomes, and our non-profit model allows us to reinvest all profit into resident and employee wellness.

Product Features:

— SPC Hiring / Staffing Model: SPC controls cost and optimizes resource utilization by strategically hiring and scheduling credential-appropriate staff to deliver care and avoid wasting costly Physician and RN time on tasks not requiring their expertise and licensing.

— STAIR Method: SPC adopts the Screening, Triage, Assessment, Intervention, and Reintegration framework for mental health services. This method allows SPC to tailor health plans uniquely to each resident, from Day One as a resident with the primary goal of ensuring full stabilization and mental health resilience by Day One as a returned citizen.

— Cost-Plus Performance Incentive: Unlike other cost-plus models which lack effective cost protection and cost containment for clients, our model has performance incentive payments which reward clinical performance metrics and achieved cost savings.

— Healthcare Education and Prevention Programs: SPC will offer comprehensive health education and prevention programs, focusing on lifestyle changes, disease management, and health promotion to give residents the tools to take ownership for their health and well-being, from their time within a facility through to their return to their community.


Under the current corrections paradigm, there are only two options when it comes to incarceration. Public facilities are bureaucratic and lack accountability for resident success, and private for-profit facilities maximize profit over results to pay shareholders. SPC will provide the nation’s first private, non-profit correctional model. Free from government bureaucracy and perverse profit motives, we can innovate best-practices and reinvest every penny into our residents and staff. Fill out the form below to learn more.