Social Purpose Corrections (SPC) offers a revolutionary approach to correctional and re-entry facility culture and management. Our nonprofit status allows us to dedicate 100% of funds received from federal and state contracts toward the welfare, rehabilitative treatment, and occupational training of corrections residents. SPC’s primary goal is to equip and empower its residents to desist from crime and flourish post-release, but the downstream effects of SPC’s success will benefit some of America’s most systematically disadvantaged communities. Increasing the economic and social wellbeing of the communities to which SPC’s residents belong is at the core of SPC’s broader mission.

Our founder, Brian Koehn, spent thirty years in the correctional space, from officer, to warden, to head of security. Following successful endeavors transforming the culture and operations of several individual facilities, Brian recognized the imperative need for transformative change in the corrections space. Corrections, he knew, needed to be reimagined on every level. That’s when he quit his job and founded Social Purpose Corrections, a 501(c)3 corporation, and amassed a team of correctional experts and justice-involved individuals to revolutionize America’s failing carceral system.

With nearly two million people behind bars at any given time, the United States has one of the highest incarceration rates of any country in the world.

The average lifespan of a correctional officer is 59 years—16 years less than the general public.

95% of those incarcerated will be released and 8 in 10 will return to prison within 10 years.


Social Purpose Corrections was founded in 2021 by a group of people from all sides of the justice system, united in their passion for transforming the corrections space and improving the lives of incarcerated individuals and corrections officers. We share a belief that all people affected by the justice system should live healthier, safer lives, and that this goal is achievable through the diligent application of alternative, data-driven approaches. By leveraging performance-based models of corrections, where staff are rewarded in proportion to the success of their residents, in tandem with a cultural transformation towards coaching and collaboration, SPC will bolster the safety and flourishing of the communities of all involved in the justice system.

Under the current corrections paradigm, there are two options when it comes to incarceration: government or private, for-profit facilities. Public facilities, already overburdened with a ballooning population, are often funded with a flat budget. This means that there is no incentive structure for mutual success. If a former resident is employed and housed, jobless and on the street, or back in prison, it doesn’t matter—the budget stays the same.

Private facilities are often funded based on the number of occupied beds in their facilities, which encourages them to maintain or exceed capacity. Furthermore, because they have an obligation to shareholders, excess profits are funneled away from staff and residents in favor of investors.

SPC will provide the nation’s first private, non-profit correctional facility. As a private contractor, our contracts will employ performance-based funding, meaning that we only get paid if we can demonstrate empirical improvements over other models. In other words, our contracts will require us to minimize recidivism and maximize things like employment post-release. As a non-profit, we have no obligation to siphon money away from staff and residents and to shareholders. Instead, any excess money will go to the improvement of our facilities, expansion of educational and vocational opportunities, and the betterment of working conditions for correctional officers and staff.

On top of the direct management of facilities, SPC offers a suite of tools to be implemented in existing facilities nationwide, with the aim of empowering staff and residents to thrive wherever we can. SPC consults with interested clients to introduce our revolutionary dynamic security coaching model, foster positive culture change, reorient staff and residents towards collaboration, maximize efficiency, promote general wellness, and bolster officer retention. We are pioneering a new model of corrections healthcare dedicated to system-wide wellbeing. SPC also provides no-cost insurance options for returning citizens and underserved communities.


To bring wellness, hope, and compassion to the practice of corrections through coaching, consulting, and collaborating to empower individuals to see the best in themselves and others.


The objective of Social Purpose Corrections is to accomplish meaningful and effective criminal justice reform, with a non-profit organization founded on outcomes and performance-based models of dynamic security.


To bring wellness, hope, and compassion to the practice of corrections through coaching, consulting, and collaborating to empower individuals to see the best in themselves and others.

Our Team

Brian Koehn

Founder, President & CEO

Brian Koehn’s illustrious career in the corrections industry spans over three decades, marked by distinguished service in both the U.S….

John Pfeiffer

EVP Mission Support

John joined Social Profit Corrections in November of 2022 as Executive Vice President of Mission Support, Marketing and Brand Communications,…

Dr. Armin McCrea-Dastur, PhD

EVP Talent, Culture & Chief Diversity Officer

With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Armin has been a driving force in various industries, including business, sports,…

Adam Clausen

Director of Innovation and Social Impact

Adam Bentley Clausen is a Leader, Life Coach, Trainer and Entrepreneur whose purpose in life is to inspire others to…

Devon Kurtz

Director of Public Affairs

Devon Kurtz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Classics from Dartmouth College, where he also served as Editor-in-Chief of The Dartmouth…

Susan Morris

Culture Coach

Susan Morris worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for thirty-one years, developing a reputation for innovative and transformational programming….

Keith James Sr.

Culture Coach

Keith M. James Sr. is an amazing demonstration of the possibilities of change. Keith is Certified Coach, Leadership Trainer, and…

Bessy Glaske

Managing Director of Reentry Partnerships

Bassma “Bessy” Glaske is an experienced leader who has made a career of working with justice-involved individuals and reentry programs…

Bill Jepsen

Director of Special Projects

Bill Jepsen worked for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for thirty-four years until his retirement in 2019. During…

Jakob Dupuis

Public Affairs Manager

Jakob Dupuis is the public affairs manager at Social Purpose Corrections. He holds a B.A. in English with a historical…

Angel Allen-Martin

Team Member

Angel has years of experience in Mental Health, Programming and Administration and Critical Incident Stress Management in Corrections. She holds…

Eli Oaks

Research Fellow

Eli is a research fellow at Social Purpose Corrections. He is an undergraduate candidate for a B.A. in English at…

Kristina Hodgdon

Team Member

Kristina (a.k.a. “Kricket”) holds a BA degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Maine, an AS in Paralegal Studies…

Theo Anderson

Managing Director of Operational Excellence

Theo Anderson brings over 35 years of correctional experience including 20 years with the United States Marshals Service, overseeing the…


Brandon Daniell

Co-Chair of the Board

Brandon is President and Co-Founder of Dialog Health, Inc. He is a senior executive with international experience in management, business…

Christina Caldwell

Co-Founder and Board Director

Christina is passionate about connecting people, nonprofits, businesses and community resources. With over twelve years of senior level leadership experience…

Chad Miller

Board Director

Chad brings over twenty years of corrections experience and has served in various senior leadership roles, including nine years as…

Gregorio Kishketon

Board Director

Mr. Gregorio E. O. Kishketon is a resident of Chevy Chase, Maryland and serves as the Contracting Officer at U.S….

Alisa Malone

Board Director

Alisa M. Malone has an extensive twenty-five-year track record of dynamic leadership across diverse sectors including public, private, non-profit, and…

Dr. Kendall Taylor, DHL

Board Director

Kendall Taylor grew up in a single-mother household with his younger brother Robert, in the city of Gastonia, North Carolina….

Advisory Board

Paul Sheldon

Sustainability Advisor

Paul wrote both the Charter for the American Correctional Association’s (ACA) Sustainability Committee and the resulting Standard and Policy on…

Brent Gibson MD, MPH

Healthcare Advisor

Dr. Brent Gibson is the Principal Consultant at Avocet. He is a board-certified physician executive with decades of experience in…

Rosanne Clausen

Family Services Advisor

Rosanne Clausen is the founder of Strong Prison Wives & Families, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with more than 100,000 members….

Morgan Penny

Special Advisor

Morgan Penny graduated summa cum laude from Saint Augustine’s University in May, 2023. At a very young age, she knew…

Beth Koenig

Academic Advisor

Elizabeth (Beth) Koenig, JD, has long been a champion of compassionate and creative communication and all that this art form…