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Keith James Sr.

Culture Coach

Keith M. James Sr. is an amazing demonstration of the possibilities of change.

Keith is Certified Coach, Leadership Trainer, and Curriculum Developer who specializes in public speaking and effective communication. Using various motivational techniques, Mr. James collaborates with individuals and organizations who desire to bring into fruition the very best version of themselves.

Mr. James currently serves as the Director of Operations for Therapeutic Wellness Services, an outpatient mental/behavioral health center in Baltimore, Md. He is one of the founding members of the Minority Human Services and Healthcare Alliance (MHSHA) which protects the interests of and educates minority-owned human service businesses in the greater Baltimore area, ensuring they are properly informed and positioned to provide optimal behavioral and mental health services to the community. He also serves as the fiscal oversight and logistics manager for 2 non-profit organizations – TWS Community Outreach and Empowered Inc. – spearheading and organizing operations which have provided more than $750,000 in fresh produce and non-perishable groceries to the local community to combat the economic damage of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Along with being competently bilingual and teaching Beginner Spanish classes in his spare time, you can also add to the extensive list of responsibilities Keith’s role as an Organizational Culture Coach/Consultant for Craft Consulting, Inc., and yet he will unapologetically remind you that his positions as a devoted father and grandfather are at the top of his priority list.

Keith has spent more than thirteen years of his life in prison and once he decided enough was enough, he worked very closely with the education and reentry departments behind the fence to develop programs which shifted the mindsets of the staff and inmate populations, and ultimately shifted the paradigms of deep-seeded cultures.

The pain and loss Keith witnessed his children suffer while “doing time on the outside,” (an intentional reference to the book by Donald Braman), is the impetus that has inspired him to contribute his life energy to the creation of systems of sustainable change. His ultimate purpose is to develop innovative systems which promote the cultivation of strong, healthy families and socially responsible communities by assisting them with developing a clear vision of what they truly desire and bridging the gap between that vision and their current reality.


Under the current corrections paradigm, there are only two options when it comes to incarceration. Public facilities are bureaucratic and lack accountability for resident success, and private for-profit facilities maximize profit over results to pay shareholders. SPC will provide the nation’s first private, non-profit correctional model. Free from government bureaucracy and perverse profit motives, we can innovate best-practices and reinvest every penny into our residents and staff. Fill out the form below to learn more.