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Susan Morris

Culture Coach

Susan Morris worked for the Federal Bureau of Prisons for thirty-one years, developing a reputation for innovative and transformational programming. She retired as the Chief of Learning and Career Development for the agency. Throughout her employment in the prison system, she served in a variety of leadership roles at the national, regional, and institutional levels with both male and female offenders. Trained as a certified life coach, Susan introduced coaching into programming at two facilities and integrated the coach approach into the national mentoring program for staff.

Susan received both her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master’s of Science in Personnel and Industrial Relations from The American University in Washington, DC.

Susan is passionate about prison reform and reentry and remains very active in facilitating positive reentry opportunities.  She lives in Cumberland, MD, close to her children and grandchildren. She continues to use her extensive experience to empower her community. She plays a leadership role in the Community Resilience Network and Healing Allegany’s Reentry Program. She is excited about the possibilities for creating meaningful and much-needed change in the criminal justice system.


Under the current corrections paradigm, there are only two options when it comes to incarceration. Public facilities are bureaucratic and lack accountability for resident success, and private for-profit facilities maximize profit over results to pay shareholders. SPC will provide the nation’s first private, non-profit correctional model. Free from government bureaucracy and perverse profit motives, we can innovate best-practices and reinvest every penny into our residents and staff. Fill out the form below to learn more.