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Jim Gilliam

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Jim Gilliam is Director, Business Development for Acadia Healthcare, responsible for driving new  business into the Community Treatment Centers (CTC) division through public safety channels. Jim leads  the marketing, target identification and acquisition, business development, and client relationship  functions in the corrections industry, capitalizing on his 20+ years of correctional healthcare experience. Jim drives efforts to enhance Acadia’s value proposition for substance abuse treatment, for services  provided within carceral settings, or post incarceration, to include specialty courts, residential reentry  centers, or community supervision. 

Prior to joining Acadia Healthcare, Jim was Vice President of Business Development for Centurion  Health, where he was responsible for forging new relationships and securing new correctional  healthcare partnerships across the United States. He successfully focused on doubling the size and  footprint of the organization by securing new state contracts for comprehensive inmate healthcare. He led all business development, government relations, procurement, and client relations matters for the  healthcare enterprise. 

Previously, Jim served as Senior Manager of State & Federal Government Relations for Corrisoft, helping  to transform this organization from merely a technology solution in the community supervision space, to  one that also includes offender reintegration services. Jim also co-founded Sage4Solutions, a child  enforcement case management organization, as a spin-off from Corrisoft, until it was reabsorbed by the  parent company. Jim also worked at Liberty Healthcare as Director of Business Development &  Government Relations for the behavioral health division, leading cross-functional teams to manage  procurement, contract negotiations, business development and client relationships. Prior to joining  Liberty, Jim served as Senior Director of Business development & Customer Relations for CoreCivic, the  largest for-profit corrections provider. There, Jim directed all sales, marketing, government affairs, and  client relations in a 19-state region, developing new state and local contracts. 

Jim earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Tennessee Technological University, and is a  Certified Corrections Healthcare Professional (CCHP). He is also a member of the Correctional Leaders  Association, the American Correctional Association, and the National Commission on Correctional  Healthcare.


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